About Us


Lucky Girl Brewing Company was started in 2014 with an idea to find the best brewer to make our craft beer a memorable experience. We worked backwards from an idea of creating a feeling of unity, nostalgia and the greatness built on American ideals. When we started, there were only 2000 craft breweries. This compared to the 3000 breweries pre-prohibition where folks stopped in for a daily brew a bite to eat and took home a fresh growler of beer.

We borrowed the iconic "pin up" girl for our brand. The "Pinup" girl was created for our young WWII soldiers as a gesture of good luck, painted on the nose of our bombers and other aircraft and giving our soldiers a little piece of home and comfort on the battlefield. Post war the pinup girl became a symbol of American ingenuity and prosperity.

Our brewer is a six generation brewer, his family brewing in the northeast mountains of Pennsylvania before it was hip to brew beer. The torch has been passed, and now it's our turn to bring you a delicious and thirst quenching craft beer.

Our winemaker, and Australian native, and his wife have been making wines for over 40 years around the world. Many of our grapes come from a family vineyard in the Central coast wine growing region of California and the outcome is some of the nicest wines from our award winning Auzzie under the B 52 Winery label.

Today, at our Lucky Girl Cross Roads tap room and B 52 Winery, we offer a lineup of craft brewed beers, ciders, wines and meads that we are extremely proud of and believe will meet everybody's expectations of Americana greatness. Our kitchens throw a wide range of hunger quenching smoked meats, wings, mac and cheese on charcuterie, flatbreads and cheeses that fit right in for wine tastings. The experience is meant to bring you back a sense of nostalgia and unity served up by a lot of happy people in a great environment. Yes that is a B26 Bomber Propeller hanging over the taproom bar and a vintage portrait of the FlyGirl!

Come join us and put that smile on your face!

Jeff Wescott